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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

The level of technology that we expose our clients to is world-class type that is definitely rare to find.

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Mobile Locksmith

Mobile Locksmith

We have experienced mobile locksmith specialists and offer fast lock and key services

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Our locksmith company can provide a high level of security that your business requires with various advanced lock systems.

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Locksmith Tolleson

Call Us Now  623-518-1486

Welcome to our company Locksmith Tolleson

We have built strong foundations and we keep investing in our infrastructure because good and quick locksmith services require technical power and autonomy. We work with skillful locksmiths and modern equipment and guarantee fast services in Arizona.

Address: North 95th Avenue
Tolleson, Arizona
Zip code: 85353
Phone: +1-623-518-1486

Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
24 hour locksmith services by a leading mobile contractor! Fast lockout services, quick emergencies, exceptional work by top professionals!


Through high standards Locksmith Tolleson has ensured that we weed out those contractors that are not up to the job. First of all we are committed to client satisfaction and achieve this through a very thorough vetting process that picks out the best locksmiths. Secondly we constantly review our practices in order to assess whether they are really still doing the job that our customers expect of us. Here is a rundown of the various things that we do in order to ensure that you are getting great services:

Locksmith Services

We can connect you with warranty for all the products and service

Clear Identification Procedures: All the contractors we recommend to you are given nationally recognized identification. The ID will include details of the contractor that they are working for. Through this system we have been able to ensure that only legitimate contractors are granted access to your home. The rest are not offered a contract and if necessary the law enforcement agencies can be called in to escort them off your premises. ID procedures represent one of our strong selling points to the community at large.

Locksmith Tolleson, AZEmergency Call-Out Consistency: Most of the problems that are associated with emergency call-outs arise because the people who are supposed to do the work do not follow correct procedures. We have a standard protocol which every member of our team is supposed to follow. Through this we ensure that they deliver more than standard services and that they do not compromise our reputation. For example they are supposed to travel in cars that are clearly marked with the contractor logo. If that is not possible then they can use the ID procedure in order to verify their identity.

Damage Limitation: When our locksmiths are working on your house or vehicle, they ensure that they do not make the situation worse. For example in cases of a lock-out, fidgeting with the apparatus can have the unfortunate effect of actually breaking the basic fabric of the door. Our team has the best tools which are put to the best use. In this way we only improve the function of your lock without compromising its effectiveness. Through various education and training programs, we have been able to embed the best practice that makes us one of the leading contractors in this field.

Clear and Fair Invoicing: If you work with us, you will get a fair deal. There are no hidden costs. Our estimates align closely with the actual final amount that you have to pay. However we advise our clients to make an allowance of 25% on the quoted price just in case we are unable to stick to the budget due to factors beyond our control. All the jobs that are done are itemized by the locksmith and a professional invoice is sent out. It covers mileage, labor and parts. The service charges are minimal because Locksmith Tolleson has always valued affordability as a unique selling point.

It is important that we lay the right foundation for our future working relationships. For example you may call on us when you are in an emergency. If the service we provide is satisfactory then you may decide that we will be of assistance to you on a fairly regular basis. This is how Locksmith Tolleson has been able to hold onto its select client base all these years.

Our company in Arizona restores and improves the security of homes, offices and cars by providing professional locksmith services. We provide emergency assistance 24/7 and install, repair and rekey locks swiftly and effectively.

Whether you need professional lock replacement or emergency rekey, use our locksmith services available in the area with zip code 85353. Our team of expert technicians in Arizona specializes in home, office and car locks and keys.

Enjoy Utmost Peace of Mind by Installing High Security Locks

Finally, high-security locks are made from high-quality, high-grade materials so they’re almost impossible to tamper with.

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Avoiding lock accidents

Locks are made to keep dangerous people away from your home; that alone highlights the importance of locking up.

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How to Train Kids on Keeping a Safe House

Keeping keys on every door of the house is natural, but you must teach children that locking themselves inside the bathroom is not prudent.

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